Is it complex to customize curly cord?

It is not complex to customize curly cord. Usually there are some different conditions.

1. When the factory have suitable cable specs available at stock.

This is the most convenient condition to have the customized curly cord. Customers will only have to advise customized spiral length, straight ends length, coiling outer diameter, termination treatment. The factory can typically manufacture the curly cord products withing 1~2 weeks.

2. When the factory does not have existing cable available from stock.

This will take a bit longer to wait for the factory’s next mass production of the straight cables. If urgent, minimum order quantity will apply. Upon this, lead time is shortened. Plus time of the curly cord process, it might take 4~5 weeks to achieve. Sometimes much quicker.

3. When customers ask for totally customized curly cord, including customized raw straight cable specification.

Usually customers demand this due to its unique application situation. The factory has its own engineer staff to meet the request. All the customers need to do is specify the requirement in details, and make sure all aspects of requirement are fully clarified. Minimum order quantity will be applied. Lead time takes around 4~5 weeks.